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Blythburgh Free Range Pork

Premium Supplier of Free Range Pork to HG Stratton Butchers

The pigs have large acre paddocks to roam in giving them the freedom to display natural behaviours like rooting in the soil and playing with their peers. This extra space and activity not only ensures a vastly improved standard of living and welfare, but it also results in the pigs growing at a slower rate. This is for the simple reason they are burning off more calories than a pig that is sat in a concrete pen all of its life. By growing at a much slower more natural rate, Blythburgh Free Range Pork aquires a flavour and succulence that pork used to have when your Grandma used to cook the Sunday Roast.

Jimmy Butler created Blythburgh Free Range Pork in February 2000. He identified that there was a large gap in the marketplace for a premium pork product, while at the same time the British public had begun to demand a greater understanding of where their meat comes from. The vision was to create a recognisable pork brand, the 'Aberdeen Angus' of the pig industry that would satisfy the consumers' needs for improved welfare and superior quality. However, the real challenge was to find a way to provide this superior quality consistently and on a large scale.

Having already established a free range unit to supply Waitrose with an added value pork product we had gained a great deal of experience in welfare friendly systems. But the ultra lean product that is designed to look good on the shelf is a far cry from the pork that is demanded by your local butcher. It took nearly two years to adapt the free range system, the breeding process and the feeding regime to arrive at the end product we needed.

In the early days we started supplying our local butcher in Halesworth, John Palmer, with just one pig a week. Over the years we have listened to our butchers and are continuously striving to improve our pork. We have developed techniques that improve all three aspects of the eating experience, flavour, texture and succulence. Today John Palmer takes a regular order of six pigs each week, not only did he decide to stock solely Blythburgh Free Range but he has also enjoyed a large growth in his pork sales.

Thanks to much hard work and an excellent product Blythburgh Free Range Pork enjoys a customer base across the country, supplying butchers, farm shops and restaurants who all have the same aim, to provide their customers with the best pork available in the UK.


Blythburgh Free Range Pork has the honour of winning a rather prestigious award when in 2005 Jimmy Butler won the first ever Farmer's Weekly Pig Farmer of the Year Award. The award was given based on the achievements of Jimmy to create a sustainable pig farming concept, in which he truly understood his supply chain and customers that set him apart from the competition.

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